Maria Goodavage, author of the California Dog Lover's Companion says, "The Edgewater Resort is one of the most hot-diggety-doggone dog-friendly places we've run across."

Thanks for bringing your people to visit the Edgewater Resort. Here are a few tips to help keep them in line!

1. Please keep them on a hand leash.
2. When you poop, make sure they scoop. Pet stations with bags are available at the beach.
3. Take them to the beach, it's a good place for a supervised off leash swim, but only if you obey by voice command.
4. Tell them you're not allowed in the general store, clubhouse or gated swimming pool area. There's an "OK 9 Corral" outside the general store with fresh water and a great view for you while they're shopping.
5. Don't let them leave you outside alone or unattended at anytime in the park. If you're people are staying in a cabin you can be left alone only if you are in your kennel or crate.
6. Be sure they take you inside the RV, Tent or Cabin with them at night.
7. We know it's fun, but please keep the barking to a minimum. Our quiet hours are between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM.
8. For your safety while on vacation, if you should get lost, tell your people that when they register upon arrival, we have a tag for you to wear on your collar that says "Guest at Edgewater Resort" and includes our address and phone number. There is a $5.00 refundable tag deposit that is refunded when the tag is returned at check-out.
9. Any sign of aggressive behavior and you will be confined to the RV/Cabin/Vehicle for the remainder of your stay and you will not be allowed to return to the resort in the future.


Family Reunions, RV Clubs, Groups and Friendly Pets are Always Welcome.

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